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The NWG Technologies development team is comprised of highly certified networking and security experts with a long history of testing, integrating and deploying industry-leading technology. An intimate knowledge of security issues within companies across every industry, combined with a consultative approach, exposed market demand for deriving greater insight from the data being generated by leading security solutions. This led to the development of the unique value-add applications offered by NWG Technologies today.

Clear View

The SSL ClearView Reporter™ application is an appliance-based solution developed by NWG Technologies LLC for the Juniper Networks SSL VPN product lines. The SSL ClearView Reporter enables companies to better understand and act on their business data by transforming it into feature-rich, meaningful reports that can be used by Information Technology management and business operations. Learn more ›

IPE - IDS IPS Policy Editor

The IDS/IPS Policy Editor (IPE)) application is a software product developed by NWG Technologies, L.L.C. It is used to view, edit and manage policies on ISS RealSecure ® IDS/IPS products. Learn more ›

Log Management

Track, report, manage, and beyond


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NWG News

NWG's SSL ClearView Reporter™ is now available in cost-effective software and virtual appliance editions.

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